Processing VS p5.js VS android mode

I’m a computer science student and I like to create things using code. I was thinking about developing an app for both android and PC. Its purpose is to communicate with a remote raspberry through the private network of my house to easily share files through my devices. The code on the raspberry will be written in java and will use outputStream and inputStream of course, so I thought also the client should use java, (or better processing, which let me create apps on android very easily). Now this app will just need to display files and directories as a very simple file explorer, but i would also like to implement some processing animations. HTML and CSS dinamically created and interpreted by processing seems a good choice to me… Are there some libraries to render HTML and CSS on a sketch? Also, would those work in android mode?

But, since p5.js (and javascript of course) nature is to be used with HTML and CSS, is it a better solution? I think it would also be good to enhance the cross platform possibilities and maybe let the app run on apple devices. But If p5.js is better, is it possibleto merge it with the code of the raspberry, and make it an installable app for android ios or pc. Also since it should be a file explorer, would a p5.js app on a smartphone be able to handle permissions and files?

Or would a totally different approach be better?

Thanks is advance for you answers and suggestion :blush:

The best advice we can give you is to try putting together a simple “hello world” app in each language and see which one you like the best for your purposes.

(Also you might try to break your text up a little bit more with paragraphs, right now it’s a bit hard to read.)

If you work with p5.js, you can get it running in a desktop. Not sure if r-pi can load js. In Android, you can use a webView demo. Explore the few demos setting up a webView on Android devices by browsing posts from the prev forum.

Can you comment more on these animations?How is this related to file browsing and sharing?