P5.js or P5 for an interactive audiovisual performance?

I’m working for an interactive audiovisual performance in realtime (~70-80 min) where, based from audio analysis (mainly FFT) I will generate movements for metaball rendering.
For instance he metaball rendering is done with shader mainly.

I’m working at the code and I have something I like (quite simple but I like it) in both platforms but I’m not sure what to choose: Java based (more performant) or Javascript based (newer, modern, but inside a browser)?
And with which hardware?

I’d say which ever you feel is simpler to set up. Hardware depends on how much processing power you need? Is you hardware in a secure place? Raspberries are relatively cheap and can be setup so that performance starts after power up. Raspberry pi 4 is not great with processing 4. With raspberry pi 4 javascript is probably easier to set up (browser kiosk mode). If you need more power that raspberry there are other more performant mini computers.