P5.js editor for mobile device

About a month ago, I accidentally discovered p5.js, which was very amazing. Later, I tried related functions and browsed openprocessing . I found it interesting. As a programmer, I tried to find a suitable editor to play p5.js on github, but I didn’t have a suitable mobile editor, so I wanted to implement one myself, and spent a week looking for existing ones. data to implement a simple offline mobile editor p5Art.

You can visit https://p5art.young-ging.cn/ to experience the current functions
or download android apk p5Art

The app is also being iteratively updated in spare time. The current version is v1.0.1, which is now available on the Huawei AppGallery.


Hi @skybosi,

I like the idea to have a p5js editor as app, especially as it is a big mess to use the p5js webeditor on mobile browser. I’ve had a short look into your app, and think it looks quite promising. What I’m missing is a project menu/management. Same for files

Project (New, Load/Save, etc)
File (New, Load/Save, maybe add pre defined inclusion of library references, etc.)

Looking forward to new updates …

— mnse

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