Seeking hired project help from p5js developer

I have posted a contract job to

I have currently only received quotes from freelance developers without p5JS experience but what I need really is someone who has experience creating user interfaces with p5JS.

Job Details:
I have a reactJS application in which I currently make use of p5JS for a timeline interface. It is somewhat rough but it works. Users can mouse over the timeline and it reacts to their mouse showing the year and month that the mouse has currently selected. When they click on the timeline the p5js interface emits an event which scrolls another div on the screen to the selected year and month to show content from that time period. A second p5JS interface is planned which is a family tree which would also allow for user interaction to add and update members on the family tree. The job is for augmentation of the first interface and creation of the second.

I am hoping to find someone with p5JS experience who can either develop these interfaces or work with me as a consultant to develop them. My preferred schedule for the job would be 10-20 hours per week and would pay $30 per hour. I estimate that the project will take less than 4 weeks of work at that speed to complete.

Anyone who is interested can submit a quote via the link or reply in the comments of this post. The first step to proceed would be to review a project that you have completed before in p5JS.

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Here is the job link:

Something like this, or are you looking for perhaps a little more advanced?

As a side note I’m currently working on a processing lib to handle gui elements. I wonder if they could be easily ported to p5js. In fact it is something I would like to do anyway, could be a good incentive.

I can post more screenshots if you want.