Connecting to AWS S3 Bucket

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m building a game with Processing for Android and I need to reach some centralized data that I have in a text file on Amazon S3. I’ve already tested some Java code that gets and updates this file in S3, but since it uses the AWS SDK for Java, I was wondering if there was a way to integrate these libraries into Processing…

thanks for any help!

I’m updating my issue since I made some steps forward but I feel like I’m at a dead end.

I managed to have a working sketch that gets a file from my S3 and updates it, but it’s working only in Java Mode. I have copied all the aws-sdk dependencies needed in the libraries folder of Processing on my pc, but when I try to build the application on my phone it crashes.

After an intense googling session I’ve found out that is probably because Processing for Android doesn’t support the external libraries that I’m trying to use, so it works only with Java Mode.

Does someone have any advice? In general, there is another way to store centralized data using Processing for Android? (I need to store simple text files, I don’t need a real database structure)

Hope someone can help me :confused: