Amazonaws library: how to include it?

Hello. I am not a programmer but I often use Processing. Now I am trying to use the amazonaws library with very bad results. First of all I built the folder structure to store the 3 files named “aws-iot-device-sdk-java.jar”, in the only way Processing accepted it.

If I build the folder

libraries ┐
          aws-iot-device-sdk-java-1.3.10 ┐
                                         library ┐

Processing generate the following error at the starup

The library “aws-iot-device-sdk-java-1.3.10” cannot be used. Library names must contain only basic letters and numbers. (ASCII only and no spaces, and it cannot start with a number)

but if I don’t create the last folder “library” the startup is ok.

Now I start to write the program, but the line


generate the errors

No library found for


Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the sketchbook folder (see the Preferences window).
The package “” does not exist. You might be missing a library.

Someone have a suggestion?
Thank you very much

Thanks GoToLoop for the tip, but that’s exactly what I do. 3 files have the name


and the folder is


so I think it’s correct.
To make sure the file and folder names were the same, I copied and pasted the same name to everything.
For now I have placed the files in the “code” folder within the project.

I also use the commons-net-3.8.0 library: the structure is completely different, but it works.

I hope your subfolder is named “library” and not “libary”.

Maybe the “-1.3.10” part could confuse Processing and should be removed:
“aws-iot-device-sdk-java-1.3.10” → “aws-iot-device-sdk-java”

This below should be your tree folder structure:

+---"Sketchbook's path"/libraries
|   \---aws-iot-device-sdk-java
|       \---library
|               aws-iot-device-sdk-java.jar
|               "other dependencies".jar

Hi GoToLoop
The folder name is correct: I typed it wrong on the keyboard. I solved the problem with importing files using the “sketch” option from the menu. Others way don’t function.
Thank you