Cannot find a class or type named “ParticleSystem”

Hi! I’m a beginner at programming and coding (actually, I know nothing but what I’ve seen in tutorials) so I’ve been following Daniel’s tutorials on Youtube. The thing is that I’m stuck into this particular tutorial, even though I’m copying everything he is doing, the message “Cannot find a class or type named “ParticleSystem”” keeps appearing and I don’t know what am I supposed to do.

Thanks for you attention, I hope you can help me, I’m very lost:upside_down_face:

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hallo, possibly you need some files in your project

i recommend to start from a existing example:

-a- go
PDE / Tools / add Tool / Examples /
and load
The Nature of Code 3
Daniel Shiffman
All examples from The Nature of Code book.

-b- with bad luck you might need to restart processing
now find:
PDE / File / Examples / Contributed examples / The Nature of Code / cp04_systems /
select like

  • Exercise_4_03_MovingParticleSystem
    and run it.
    there you see also the .pde you miss so much


Thank you so much for all your answers!:blush:

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