Getting Started With Processing?

Hey Guys, I’ve just started reading through ‘Getting Started with Processing’ and have successfully drawn a circle :slight_smile: The very next example ‘Example 2-2 Make circles’ however gives an error.‘Cannot find a type or class named vold’
Is this a misprint in the book or have i not done something correctly ?
Your help and advice is always appreciated.

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Welcome to the Processing forum.

In the Processing PDE go to:
Tools > Add Tool… > Examples and you can add the Examples for Getting Started with Processing, 2d Edition.

These examples are available in:
File > Examples > Contributed Examples

I encourage you to type code in as well :slight_smile:

There is a lot to explore here as well:



Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I have discovered my mistake. it was void and not vold !!! :slight_smile: Yea me :slight_smile:


Processing PDE also has “Preferences” to customize your experience:

File > Preferences >

There is a “Continuously check for errors” and “Show warnings” to select.
This can be helpful but also get in the way at times; be prepared to turn it off sometimes.

Have fun with Processing!