Can I use Blockbench for Processing, is it able to implement 3d objects and also 3d objects with animation?

Hello everybody. I am just curious what is possible in Processing. I thought that at least adding a 3d object with animation to Javascript is possible, because of games like Minecraft and Yandere Simulator which were originally made with Javascript. I want to add 3d objects without animation in Processing, too. I thought Blockbench would be a good opportunity, because I can not find something that says it is only working with some special engines on the official website (Maybe I am not digging enough). If Blockbench is not compatible, which program/tool do you recommend? Is it even possible to implement a 3d object?

You mean in p5js?


I just loaded this The Wayfarer - Download Free 3D model by Ycar (@Ycar) [8dca282] - Sketchfab

converted it with GLTF in OBJ umwandeln (online und kostenlos) - GLTF in OBJ Konverter

and loaded it

see p5.js Web Editor

Thank you very much for your help

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