3D Face in Processing?

Hi all, I’m quite new to Processing. I’ve got the hang of the 2D quite well and managed to build a complicated social robot’s face with various functions working. I was wondering if anyone had any idea about how I’d be able to build a 3D face mesh? I was just trying to take this project to the next level, and helpful starters even on 3D processing would be useful. All i know right now is how to draw a sphere and use the ortho feature to avoid it rotating when I translate, by changing the camera view.


If you want some resources on 3D with Processing, check this :

I got a face in 3D somewhere in my collection

Maybe the HE_Mesh library can be useful here.

Hi, I’ve been searching around a bit, but I couldn’t find it. Could you re_post it?
Although I think Blender is the best way to go for a bit more advanced 3D, I’m interested in how far P5 can go. The toothpaste example of the Shapes 3D is amazing.

I looked at my collection

Not really a face

And far too complicated

This afternoon I’ve tested various libs, but a face is a a complex shape, so I think the best way is to create a 3d shape in Blender and import it as obj file into P5.
I had quite some fun replicating the functions in these two videos. one two

You might also be interested in this recent project – see video at ~18 seconds for animated 3D lips.


here are some faces if you browse

see https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=+3D+Face&type=things&sort=relevant&page=1

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