Can I just delete this folder?

Quick question, do I need this folder?

I’m using processing 3.5.4, and none of my sketches seem to be linked to the 3.5.3 folder (or 3.5.4 for that matter). Can I just delete it?

Also, furthermore, I don’t know why the processing 3.5.4 isn’t in the “Windows (C:)” folder, but can I just put it there? I don’t know if Processing updates absolute paths when you move the files around, but I’m scared if it doesn’t, moving it to the C drive where it belongs might mess things up.


I suspect that you can safely delete or move these folders but if you are not sure then simply rename them by prefixing the current folder name with 'X" (so that you can easily restore the original name if needed). Obviously to move the folder copy and paste the original folder before renaming it.

If there are no problems after a month then obviously you can delete the renamed folders.