Before I make my proposal

I am LN, an engineering freshman. I want to propose an idea related to the “i18n improvements” task of GSoc. Before I propose my idea, I just want to confirm something.

As far as I have understood from the i18n contributors guide, presently a contributor needs to translate the content( from the en.json and yml file, for the reference page and example page) either in the github editor or in the contributor’s local setup(using text editors or IDEs)right ?

Can someone please confirm this so that I can propose my idea that makes the i18n process a much easier and an accessible task(that alligns with the access statement) for the contributor.

Apart from that, can I propose my idea directly to the mentor(s) if it’s allowed?(I will also propose it here in the forum, as well as open an issue(with the discussion template) so that I can receive some feedback).
Thank you.

Here is the aceess statement and the Discussion template that I mentioned above.

What do you say @saberkhan ?