GSoC proposal draft review

Hi :slight_smile:
I submitted the first draft of my proposal (“Italian translation and i18n improvements”) on the GSoC platform and set the document to “open for comments”, as instructed in the Student Guide.
I would really appreciate any review/suggestion from the mentors!
Thank you.


thanks @Yuki! and welcome! :smiley:


Hi @outofambit,
I noticed a lot of GSoC aspirants are linking their proposal document here on the forum. Does that help with the reviewing process? Should I post it here as well?
cc: @saberkhan @lmccart

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@Yuki Just wondering, did you ever get an answer for this? I am wondering the same thing and would like to make sure as well.

No, no answers yet :confused:

@Yuki Thanks for replying! I’m also trying to start an internalization effort for another language (Arabic), so we’re in the same boat. Hope it all goes well.

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