App to make short experimental films based on automated instructions on where to go

Hello everyone, this is my first post here! :slight_smile:
i wanted to make an app for android, that gives you random coordenates (within certain constraints) for you to go and record something that catches your attention (with a previously decided time restriction too) .
After several short fragments of film have been recorded, the app would put them together to create one short experimental film that contrasts each fragment to each other, appealing to a sort of hidden meaning which lies in their juxtaposition.

My question is, how would i achieve an interface, that lets you see street layouts, and display pathfinders on where to go. I looked up some libraries such as Unfolding maps, but they all seem to be outdated. I also came into p5.js, which apparently has support for more library variety, should i learn how to use it?, what should i do? I think is important to say that im really new to processing, and i just finished the coding train course on it. Thank you all!

javascript has a google maps api p5js shouldn’t have any problem using it as it is itself javascript. doing this should allow you to give multiple platforms not just android access to your app. also html/css for the ui is tight.

Can i use p5js if i dont want to make a web, and if instead i just want to make an android app? where would you recommend me to go to find out more about it?

if you just want to develop an android app and don’t want to make a web based version you are probably best off sticking with processing for android. i’m not sure what you would do for a map api though as like you said they seem outdated. i have limited experience with maps in processing so can’t really say. i’d just wait and see what others have to say no doubt someone will have a solution that will work for you.

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By “pathfinders” – do you mean show destination markers, or do you mean show turn-based directions with a path line?

Is this for a single known area? Is there a stable starting point?

Are there a small number of known locations – e.g. could various points be hand-curated and then randomly selected? You could for example save a variety of pre-cooked direction paths as Google Maps and then load them, or pass waypoints to the Google Maps directions algorithm as URL parameters (e.g. with an API key if this is an app).

Even if you can implement it, be very careful about trying to roll your own wayfinding – i.e. don’t tell people to walk out into the middle of the street.

I mean turn based directions, such as the ones you would find in google maps, preferably one that snaps to the nearest road like the google api. It is meant to be global, with the starting point being your current coordinates. The whole system relies on randomness, so i think of it more like a procedural system.
I have had unity recommended, how hard do you think is switching from processing to unity? if so would you recommend a place for me to learn more about it?