Plotting coordinates on the map (unfoldingmap)

Hello everyone
Does anyone know if there are any libraries to build a route on the map?
Search on the internet did not give anything, there are some examples with unfoldingmap but this library has not been updated for several years and does not run on processing 3 and processing 4.
Are there any newer libraries with similar functionality?

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Hi @YueLiang,

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Since the unfoldingmap library is not maintained anymore, I would go for a web library instead like Mappa.js:

And a p5.js example:

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Hi, thank for your respond!
Interesting thing, but how to connect the p5 with the processing? I’m making a dashboard for the robot, route building, direction, radar etc. The program is almost done.
As I understand it, what you suggest has a bit different format, not compatible with my original plan.
And i have no idea how to combine mappa.js with my project.

Yes you are right, Mapp.js is a JavaScript library not a Processing Java one. Either you switch to a web version (but you already did some work) or find a way of exporting your data from Processing (JSON?) and use that to display your map in the browser or you find an alternative in Java :wink:

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