[Android] Has anyone tried beaconing through 'Processing'?

  1. Beacon-related materials are as follows.


  1. It is difficult to make the library suitable for ‘Processing’.

If you have any experience, please help, thank you.

Do you mean you don’t know how to build android libraries or that it is difficult to integrate these java files into the android library template due to code requirements, or that you don’t know how to use the android library template to make libraries?

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Thank you for answer. I know it takes work to get it driven by ‘processing program(tool)’. I’m posting this here to get advice from anyone who has experienced or has done it.
Because I can’t do that part.

OK it’s pretty simple, it uses the same process required for the standard processing library template, so you can make use of Dan’s tutorial, you just have to make use of the android library template that is found on the processing github repo.

Then you have to change the names of a few files to match the installation directory then using eclipse you can then edit the java class files and build using ant.

This previous topic might help

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Thank you for your kind reply every time.

But, I don’t know if it’s because it’s difficult the first time,
It’s very difficult for me.
I’ll give it a try. thank you.

No probs, honestly take your time and watch Dans vid I followed it step by step and it worked.

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What is a ‘Dans vid’? Do you have a link or a YouTube video

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