Analyze sound without playing it out loud


I am creating a patch to add visuals to my musical composition. So, I am planning to have a number of musical channels (in and out) in SuperCollider. Then, I would like to listen to have Processing listen to these sound channels and moving accordingly using the analyze() and analyze(spectrum) methods. I am a bit lost about how to achieve all these in a live-setting.

However, right now I am stuck at the very easiest step: how to analyze a sound without playing it back out loud with Processing? I am making experiments with the SoundFile() class, and everything works fine. Then, when I try to silence the SoundFile through the method amp(0), my analyze() method is not able to detect anything anymore. Does anybody know how to have Processing analyze a sound without playing it out loud through the output channels?


You can do that using virtual audio routing apps. If you are on Mac check BlackHole. I don’t know any similar app that does the same thing for free on Windows. It can be a little tricky to setup what you want. If you google “virtual audio routing/app/tutorial/etc…” you can find information on the topic.

But if I were you, I would analyze the sound using SC and pass the data to Processing via OSC to create audio-reactive stuff. I think SC is much more better than Processing in terms of sound analysis stuff.