Audio (amplitude) analysis

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

So i am currently at the stage of having audio load and play when i run the code in my sketch, although i would like to then use the amplitude data to manipulate the graphics.

However all the stuff (dan shiffman’s youtube video on amplitude analysis) i have seen online has involved java script and i want to keep everything offline and not use a browser so this isnt really that helpful! (sorry dan)

is there a way round this?

I have no added this -


which results i am printing into the console and can see it is working, but then how do i use these figures within the drawing section of the sketch…

hi @IdoPlumes
you posted in the section Processing / Libraries correctly
but not stated what lib you used,
i guess its

i would recommend you play with
examples / Minim / Analysis / FFT / SoundSpectrum
examples / Minim / Basics / DrawWaveformAndLevel
after you got that library via the
Processing 3.4
tools/ add tools / libraries / Minim ( rev 2.2.2 )

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