Muting p5 sound, while still receiving data


I’m wondering if it’s possible using the p5 sound library to get data from an mp3 file, using
fft.analyze();, but then prevent the actual audio file from being output through the computer speakers.

The reason:
I have a sketch that uses audio input to change the size of an ellipse, and I wish to overlay it on top of an HTML video. If there is sound coming from both the sketch and the video, it will be too noisy / weird. When I reduce the volume of the audio, the fft.analyze is also reduced.

Alternatively, I would also be happy to use the sound from the html video to control the sketch, but I can’t wrap my head around whether this could possibly work somehow.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them.


I would also like to do something similar.
Getting the fft data from an oscillator but not its sound.

Can’t figure out how to yet!