Generative Design Library

hello, I have been searching for a way to outline my text in the program I’m making and found a topic recomending the use of the “Generative Design” library. I’ve looked at the reference and on the internet but I don’t find any clear explanations about how to use this library. Would someone mind telling me how to work with the library please?

have you looked at the examples?

also their book seems to have examples that uses the same library

I never used this library so I don’t exactly know if it’s possible to make font outlines. I know that geomerative has a nice set of tools for generating vertices from text

what are vertices? I never heard about that.

if you are not familiar with processing, I recommend you to follow Dan’s tutorials :slight_smile: :steam_locomotive:

Thanks for the tutorial, but it doesn’t learn me something I didn’t already knew about processing and it doesn’t answer the questions I asked.

vertex is a basic concept.

Just google it or You can also learn more here:

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Thanks @Chrisir. So now that this question is answered, can anyone tell me how to use the “Generative Design” library please?

Just check the examples shown to you above

It’s all in there

Do some research there please.