Admob APDE Processing

Hello. I’m almost done making my application.
And I wondered if I can add ads through APDE?
because now there is no access to the computer.

If anyone has really figured it out, please provide a link to the topic or article. I could not find the latest information.

I understand that it will not be easy, but I am ready to spend some of my energy on it.

And if there is any information that I should know about advertising and an application for processing in the play market, please let me know.

I really need help.

You can read/download a working code here
To modify the Manifest in APDE you need a rooted device to access the path /data/data/com.calsignlabs.apde/app_build.
You also need to enable “keep build folder” in the settings.

I followed the link and the first items of the list of actions - import to android studio.

Have you done absolutely all the work from your phone? Using APDE?

No, I’ve never done this before. I only provided a link from someone who successfully did it, although not in APDE. I believe however that is possible on APDE accessing the build folder the way I described.

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if i are not mistaken and saw how you wrote in some topic that you do not have access to android studio and you want to add ads through apde.

did you succeed or not?

I’m sorry I didn’t notice right away.

I’m sorry i didn’t find confirmation that it was someone who did it on apde And now I’m sad (

Just keep trying :grinning:

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You How did you solve your problem?
Have you used Android Studio?
Or just stopped trying?)

Why don’t you contact @Lucas he has the knowledge.