Loading a sketch to APDE

I would like to use mobile APDE to run sketches transferred from my Desktop Processing IDE.
Did anybody try this operation?
What possibilities exist to transfer a sketch from a desktop PC to a APDE running into a smartphone?


you can simply copy the sketch folder to the sketchbook folder for APDE.
APDE doesn’t support user manifest.xml, hence you need to click the given possibilities (orientation, etc) in APDE properties.
Also, if you want to use syntax highlighting you need to set the phone font to non unicode font, otherwise it is messed up.

— mnse

Thanks for this answer.
My original sketch is in my Processing sketchbook on PC. How do i copy it into the APDE sketch folder on my smartphone?

Try Android File Transfer app by Google.


Simple way to do that upload your sketch to Google drive then download it from your android

Or via USB connection

I finally located the APDE sketchbook Directory and I could copy sketches through USB, by simply dragging files from my PC Processing sketchbook to APDE sketchbook.
Thank you all for your assistance.

@MPROCD Where did you find it? I’ve been looking for it too.


Open file manager in your android device you can see folder ( sketch book) open it you can fine libraries folder
Examples etc copy paste your sketch via USB from PC to sketch book then you can call it and run it from APDE

I am using “My Files” file explorer app (see Google play).
Click the app icon
Click Internal Storage
scroll down until Sketchbook.

Good luck

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