A new beginners tutorial video

I made a new tutorial video that should teach a lot of the programming basics. I show functions, variables, loops, and use these to create a fun piece of generative art.

I know you guys are all already experts with Processing, but Iā€™d love to have your feedback on this tutorial as I might make more! Thanks for watching :blush:


Hi @Hapiel,

Very cool! The video is quite clear and I want to learn Processing again as if I was a beginner :laughing:

Keep up the good work!


A very well thought out and well produced video!

Consider omitting the key strokes at the right.

Btw - if you are using your mouse to write - get a digitizer (such as a Wacom). A digitizer makes it much easier to to draw and you hand writing will become easier to read.

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Thanks for your compliments guys!

@soegaard Ah, I hoped that people would enjoy they keystrokes, so they could see my shortcuts like ctrl + / and things like that. But since I also use shortcuts for the drawing software I can imagine it becomes a bit messy, yes!
I was using a wacom and a mouse, only when drawing the box I was using my mouse but then I quickly switched to the tablet again. Otherwise you would not have been able to read the text I scribbled at all, haha!

Anyway, thanks for watching :slight_smile: