3d model animation

Hello everyone, i am here to simply ask if it would be possible to load a 3d model, from blender perhaps, that is fully equipped with a skeletal mesh and all, then use processing to control the movement of the 3d model. I ask because this type of functionality would be very useful to me, as that I plan to develop ais and also motion capture like software that will use such feature. Are there any libraries needed for this? Would i need to make one? How would i go about do such a thing as animating the model? Thanks in advance and if any clarification is needed please ask.

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I think it would be easier for you to make a blender add-on.
Rigging and deforming meshes according to the bones is not an obvious task and blender is already made for it. So it seem to make more sense to add the mocap on top of that instead of recreating the rigging functionnalities outside of blender.

There are already existing solutions. Go have a look at this video for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UPZtS5LVvw&feature=youtu.be


I will, thank you for the information.

The answer given above is excellent.

Additionally comment:

This is of course possible in processing.

This sentence makes your question hard to comprehend (for me).

  • An AI (artificial intelligence) and motion capture both based on the motion of a shape?

This is very confusing and makes your goal hard to comprehend.

There are libraries for each of those but the way you ask the question just makes it very broad. Basically in processing you can use every java library.

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