Windows64 export application is massive

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So I made a project that I want to show to a friend, however, he doesn’t have processing installed. So I exported the application and checked the files. the windows64 version was 191Mb and it seemed to include java files? But the windows32 version was only 5Mb and it didn’t have a java folder.

What should I do?
Does windows64 version work even without java installed, while the 32 needs it?


If you are using Processing 3.5.4 64-bit it can only "Embed Java for Windows (64-bit):


The 32-bit version will require JAVA on your PC and will prompt you if it is needed:


And takes you to the Java download site:

The 32-bit exported application worked on my PC with JAVA 1.8 installed.
It did not work on another PC without JAVA installed.

Yes (if you embedded it) and yes (32 bit needs it because it is not embedded).



Another topic that may be of interest but may be outdated for newer versions of Processing: