Exported Application to Mac not opening

Is it normal for an exported application to weigh more than 400MB for a tiny script?

It is very frustrating.
Plus, it does not even launch!!
I checked the security settings in MacOS but still nothing.

Where can I download the C++ version of processing?

sounds big,
on windows when i export a tiny sketch

enable windows
not enable linux
enable embed JAVA

it is about 200MB,
because of the whole JAVA ( 8 ) version included.
but must look directory tree,
i find


but the 32 version can not include the JAVA ( because i use the processing 64bit only )
so its small ( and will most probably not work )

please check your drive and think again what (export) option you need to distribute…

but better just distribute the sketch ONLY, as text or zip
so anyone can get processing running on their specific hardware/OS
and just run your tiny sketch.

good question for the EXPERTS and developers…

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On Mac, like on Windows, if you have checked the export box “embed Java” – which says it will make the export much larger – then it makes the export much larger (but more portable, as computers do not need to have Java installed to run it).

There is no official C++ mode for Processing. One of the closest projects to Processing in the C++ programming world is OpenFrameworks.


Another option which tries to imitate the Processing API in C++ is libxd:

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