Window larger than expected with FX2D

I have noticed that the window size is not correct when setting the renderer to FX2D. My monitor’s resolution is 1920x1080, and when I run this sketch:

color black = color(36,39,45);
color green = color(141,187,110);
import processing.javafx.*;

void setup(){

void draw(){

The window is wider than half the screen, so it is larger than expected. If I switch back to P2D or the default renderer the window is the proper size. Any ideas why this might be?

Screen size looks ok on a Mac. What happens if you increase your monitor resolution?

I don’t think I can increase the monitor resolution any more. However, I have found that doing
will completely fill my screen. So it seems like the sketch is acting as if my monitor’s resolution is 1600x900 and doing some kind of scaling.

For context, this is in Windows 10