Win 10 won't execute my executable on one specific computer

I have one laptop (win 10 64b) that is especially finicky. I publish a VERY simple processing script (just size and background color) and export the exe. Then I bring it to my other computers. All work fine.

However, one computer doesn’t like any processing exe’s. I can’t get any of my published exe’s to run on that machine. I can run them from the processing editor ok, but never as an exported exe file. I’ve disabled virus protection, firewall, etc. I’ve run this from the student account, no go. I’ve run this from the admin account, no go. Nothing seems to affect it. Any ideas?

Anyone have any ideas on this?

If you’re trying to running on a machine embeeded in a system network, it’s very common that external executable files are not allowe to be executed by anyone else than the sys admin.
Otherwise, some anti virus app blocks every executable attempt not verified by user.

Otherwise, no ideas …

It’s not on a network. It’s just a regular Win10 laptop with antivirus and firewall disabled. Also it won’t run even when I’m logged in as admin.

The file works on my other laptops.

Another idea maybe : if your windows user has some special character in its name, it can cause some troubles because processing won’t find the sketch folder because of it. I experienced it once with ë character in the name.