Why p5 is called p5


is it correct, that p5 is called so, because of p- rocessing and HTML-5?

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That is incorrect. The name comes from the original Domain of processing : proce55ing.net

Which was often abbreviated as p5, so p5.js is a reference to that.

Btw, i assume with p5 you refer to p5.js, not to the abbreviation i talked about :sweat_smile:

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I was asking about p5.js, thank you


Design by Numbers


Processing (Java)
which is also called
p5 (from proce55ing.net)

which inspires

Processing CoffeeScript mode and Android mode and Processing R mode,
processing.py and later p5py,
processing.js and later p5.js,

…and p5.js inspires pyp5js…

and others. It is a pretty big ecosystem of language / modes / libraries / modules / packages with closely related APIs. When you get into “inspired by processing” projects that are API-inspired, the space is even bigger – reprocessing for ReasonML, ml5.js (for machine learning), axle for Rust, sketcher, etc etc.

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