Why does not processing work well on my MacBook Air 2015

I want to ask you why processing doesn’t work on my MacBook Air 2015?
Here are specs this mac;
MacBook Air 2015(11-inch)
processer 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Before I opened and coded in 1th April, that time processing had been working as usual. But recently it doesn’t work well. Concretely, Mac absolutely freeze and shutdown by compulsion. I tried following;
PC restart

I have found that when I use “void draw” environment and run it, and then Mac will freeze and I need re-start it.

Please teach me if you know something about this problem.

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I’m honestly not sure. Freezing and shutting down is terrible – that absolutely should not happen. What macOS version are you running?

What sketch code, specifically, are you using? Is this all?

void draw() {

Consider filing a bug report here:

However, this may be a problem with your physical RAM or PRAM – so a hardware problem, not a bug in Processing. Figuring that out would involve taking your mac to be looked at and/or looking at console logs from the freeze / crash / reboot.

Thank you for replying during a busy time.
I forgot to write macOS. Current macOS is mojave.
About sketch code, I’ve tried like following:

void setup(){
   size(600, 600);
void draw(){
   ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 5, 5);

It seems that when I use “void draw” and the more “draw” function has contents, the more easier to occur freezing and shut down. On the other hand, other applications work well at all. Only processing I need the most has most biggest problem.
Receiving your advice, I checked console log and found that this problem might be in WindowServer. However this information is quite not sure because of my lack of knowledge. Then I tried SMC reset but it hasn’t worked well even now. Or what do I have to check anything else?
I’ll file this bug report at GitHub you taught me.