White screen while loading video with GL Video



I’m experiencing a white flash when loading a video with the GL Video library.
I’ve checked with the singleVideo example and i’m getting the same behavior…
I feel like it used to work without this flash in a previous version (i’m now up to date with latest versions).

Was it always like that and I didn’t pay attention or is it a new behavior? Any work around for this?



@flashbacker Are you testing with the prepared Raspbian image from pi.processing.org?


Hi @gohai ,
Yes i’m using the prepared image, otherwise I can’t get the video library to work at all.



You could download and try older versions here: https://github.com/gohai/processing-glvideo/releases

If you find one that exhibits a different behavior (using the same prepared image), please let me know. If not there is likely not much we can do about it at this point - but: Raspbian is in the process of switching over to a new graphics driver, and when this happens these quirks will hopefully be a thing of the past.


@gohai thanks i’ll give it a try and report my results.

In btw, here is how it looks


@gohai I’ve tried to install manually several older versions by just exchanging the glvideo folder in the libraries folder, but each time I get this error " the sketch is using a library which is not properly installed"
Am I missing something on the way to do it? Could there be some dependencies configuration problems?


@flashbacker I realized that this is almost certainly because of a change in recent versions of Raspbian, that necessitated a change in the library, which earlier versions won’t have.

So, in order to test versions prior to 1.2.3 you’ll need a Raspbian that is older than August 2017.

E.g. the image for Processing 3.3.3.


@gohai ok thanks for the info, it’s getting a bit longer to try it out now… :slight_smile:
I’ll check it out later and report here…
Then let’s see if I have enough motivation to redo a full install for the 14 Pis I’m using for this project… :smiley: