Where to find GLSL ES tutorial?

hello, I’m working on a paint program that I hope to port to mobile devices and want to use
some shaders. GLSL ES is apparently the shader language to use,
anywhere where I may find a website or videos to learn how to use glsl es?

Just to be sure I understand your question:

  1. you plan to use shaders with PShader ?
  2. you want to develop using Processing for Android

Are you already familiar with the Shaders Tutorial?

I notice that some examples in the tutorial contain lines like:

#ifdef GL_ES

I don’t personally know a lot about shaders, although I have read some older material on shader features in Processing – this is from the Processing 2 update, so may be out of date –

and I understand that the differences between GLSL and GLSL ES can be dramatic.

Perhaps some of our shader experts will chime in.

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