Problems with Processing

This isn’t supposed to harrass anyone or bash on the language!

Sadly processing has a giant lack of documentation, stuff that is not incredibly basic is not in the new docs, only on old forums where almost all links are dead. There is stuff i only know from forums that was mentioned many years ago. An example is hint if you have autocomplete activated, it shows more options then are documented. Some more stuff is that the frame is now called surface, to access basic features. For example i was creating a complicated system to handle repeated key presses in processing P2D, even tho there is hint(ENABLE_KEY_REPEAT);
Also how would anyone know on how to use a custom glsl shader? There is 0 documentation, how would one know shaders can be written in processing or glsl? This Reddit post explains some of it, where some documentation is linked.

Also the editor is lacking very much, as i said in another post there are bugs and inconsistencies. For example:
Both functions work, even tho only one is highlighted.
Both divide as a float, only one is highlighted.
JOptionPane is not highlighted.

I have the feeling the processing language is being updated, but the editor and the Documentation is not. Just a list of every keyword would be outstanding.

Processing is possibly a great library, and great to use, if you had documentation. You can create complicated java things with basic code, which i love.

It is just, i’m rather learning rust or c++ if i have to spend as much time on it.

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Processing’s web reference only contains the very basic, although they could add more to it:

For the most complete Processing’s API see its JavaDocs:

There’s also the full source code on its repo:

GLSL is a completely different programming language targeting the GPU:

Processing merely allows us to embed GLSL code in our sketches:

JOptionPane class doesn’t belong to Processing’s API but Java’s standard library:


Maybe @sableRaph can also look in the OP proposal

Thank you!

Thanks. However GLSL in processing is different because processing has some variables required as explained in the reddit post. Thanks for the javadocs. And for the syntax highlighting, i just wish that there would be everything highlighted, but i don’t know how big of a wish that is!

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Hi @Noodlybanan,

There was a PShader tutorial but it was outdated and other tutorials took priority when Processing4 was released and the website was updated. I hope we can work on an update to that tutorial soon.

You can still view the old PShader tutorial on the Internet Wayback Machine, and may find it helpful even though it is not up to date with the latest version of Processing.