Where is the main documentation?

Hi, I sometimes use Processing for Pi and I really appreciate so much contribution from the community. However, I found that the documentations are scattered and I had hard time figuring out opengl error I had.

First I found

but it’s just a blog post and also the comments are already disabled.

The only thing I found from processing org was on github

and this provided me the exact info I needed (in Experimental Graphics section).

The point is that raspberrypi org’s docs are somewhat insufficient, which is lacking the info about opengl driver to use some of the features - but there’s no way to suggest changes to their website. Rather I think processing.org should have a documentation or at least point people to github wiki so that they can also find out about opengl driver issues.

Hi micuat!
I believe there is a group of students working on a website and set of tools for Processing on Raspberry Pi, and they were conducting surveys. Check out the thread here. Perhaps you can drop them a line or fill the survey and voice your suggestions as that will ultimately help them out.


Hello and welcome, @micuat!

Thanks for pointing out the fact that docs are all over the place, this is a big problem that my GSoC mentor, @gohai, and I are currently working on solving. There’s new website that went live a few weeks ago that will be dedicated to Processing on the Pi: https://pi.processing.org where we will be centralizing content related to using P5 on the Pi.

I understand that currently we don’t have info pertaining to the opengl driver specifically. I created an issue in https://github.com/processing/processing-pi-website to capture that and we might be able to move that content over at some point soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment on the issue https://github.com/processing/processing-pi-website/issues/22 about what specifically was helpful to you and if there was something else you discovered that is not currently in the Wiki. The repo for the new site I believe is also open for PRs and contributions which are welcome!