Feedback for Processing on Raspberry Pi

Hello! We are a team of graduate students at University of Washington. We will be developing a website and a set of tools for using Processing on Raspberry Pi as a part of Google Summer of Code partnership with the Processing Foundation. (

You are invited to participate in a short survey session for the project research. Participation is voluntary. We want to understand the ways people use Processing in order to create a comprehensive resource for those who want to use Processing on the Pi. Your contribution to this study will help us creating a place for the Processing-Pi community to learn and share.

The survey is hosted on Google Forms here:

Thank you for your participation!


Just to remind forum members, this survey is NOT only for current Raspberry Pi users!

Anyone who might be interested in trying Processing + Pi in the future should take the survey to give feedback on what these resources might look like.

Filled in. Is the “please select Tuple” question deliberate?! :confused:

Might be a way to detect bots? That was my impression.

Thank you for answering the questions in the survey!
We are getting close to being able to analyze the results which we’ll do tomorrow.

@neilcsmith, @colouredmirrorball is correct, we use questions like that to serve as “attention questions” to be able to filter out responses performed by automated form-filling systems. Perhaps on this forum we don’t have to do that, but in other contexts (on a wider scale) questions like that help us increase the quality of the data.

I assumed that’s what it was, but came very close to ticking something else out of annoyance. :smile: There are better ways of wording these things!

Makes sense. Could preface the question with something like: Please confirm you are human (to avoid confusion).

Hi @msurguy, it seems I’m late to the party but I want to add that I had hard time figuring out about opengl driver issue when setting up p5 for pi after curl/sh commands.

another thing - it’s a little point but when I installed the image version, I noticed that SSH is already enabled. For me it’s handy but not sure if this is good for security reasons…

@gohai @msurguy ok I tried the image on but it seems this image doesn’t have full kms enabled so I needed to enable it from raspi-config to use glsl. I’m writing this since I wasn’t sure if this is expected behavior

@micuat It was a conscious decision to have SSH enabled by default on the Raspberry Pi, since this is needed for headless operation (e.g. using the Upload to Pi tool for Processing).

As for security: theses days network devices are almost always behind a Network Address Translation device (or NAT), which prevents hosts from the internet to connect (except the device specifically asks for port forwarding, which sshd won’t.) On IPv6 class networks you typically don’t do NAT, but all IPv6 home routers I have seen run a firewall to the same effect.

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@micuat You can also use GLSL with the “legacy” driver - check out the shader examples in Demos/Graphics for example.

As I mentioned: we’re don’t want to enable the newer drivers by default until they also do hardware-accelerated video decoding and support the camera module.

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