Where is my 2017 topic, in the old forum?

I had a topic, think in 2017, think had JSON in the topic title. Can’t find it. Did this current forum start in 2018? so my topic is in the old forum. Is that this https://forum.processing.org/two/ or is that 2 forums back? Logins are disabled, so can’t list my topics. (Read-only login would be useful.) Search for JSON doesn’t find anything. Manually found some titles with JSON, so search doesn’t work as I expect it to.

Any solid facts appreciated.

Is it JSON - how to get heirarchical names from file. by RichardDL?


That’s the one, and me, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Google was our friend for this one. :slight_smile: The search was:

JSON RichardDL site:https://forum.processing.org/two/

Ah yes, have used that search format before. Thanks.

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