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This is not a pressing matter. And perhaps is my own personal Achilles’ heel… but thought I’d mention it if others sometimes have the same experience when searching the topic archive.

I referred to the GUIDESLINES–ASKING QUESTIONS to see if this topic has been covered and couldn’t find anything.

While there is great info on how to ask questions on the forum, I could not find guidance on titling posts.

Granted, this is not a big issue, and titles have been edited in the past upon request.

But it may be good to have a brief guideline to direct people to when needed.

Can a line be added to the GUIDELINES–ASKING QUESTIONS about the incorporation of relevant keywords and distillation to a main topic when writing titles for their posts?

I often scan through past topics looking for relevant information for myself and/or to pass on to others and I feel like there’s a lot of buried information. Sometimes keywords were not used effectively in the title post, other issues as well, etc.



Hi Sir

The student is sometimes lazy and does not want to search. He believes that it is easier for him to start writing a topic before researching, although the research may provide him with more than one way to solve the issue and thus benefit more. , although if you put any word attached to the name of the site on Google, you will find many search results related to the question

The same is the case if you search from within the site, you will find a lot of information on the topic in question

In most cases, the title of the question is contrary to the content, and in many cases, those who have a regular badge correct the title


Sometimes the author of the topic changes the title or question even after he gets a solution and the title becomes different from the content of the discussion on the topic

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As an option one can always use google site search adding site:website in the search bar




I agree. It would be nice to have this in the guidelines.

Sometimes I edit headlines and insert a more specific topic in brackets () at the end. (I am allowed to edit headlines, I don’t know why. Wish I was allowed to edit posts too)

Additionally we could just write keywords/ search words / topics in the post itself. (In our answers)

Table Of Content

It would also be cool if we could insert /add a post into one or more categories of a new Table Of Content. (taxonomy?)


  • 3D | scenes | camera | basics / introduction
  • 3D | scenes | camera | angle when camera flies curve
  • 3D | scenes | camera | angle when camera rotates around a scene
  • 3D | scenes | camera | angle when camera rotates around itself
  • 3D | scenes | camera | camera looks top down/ from front / from side
  • 3D | basics | clipping / things get cut off / avoid this
  • 3D | basics | lights
  • 3D | basics | text / usage of modes
  • 3D | basics | HUD / heads up display/ text / combination of 2D and 3D
  • 3D | basics | stage / basic scene
  • 3D | basics | platonic bodies / polygons
  • 3D | Games | pong / breakout / arkanoid
  • 3D | basics | basics / introduction

Hi @Chrisir,

— mnse

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Good idea :clap: I added a paragraph about writing a good title. Let me know what you think.