Where are all the libraries?

Why are there only ~10 libraries available? What about computational geometry–computing the intersections of lines, convex hull, these things?

You have to add them. Go to Sketch > Import Library... > Add Library... to open up the Contribution Manager, where you can install a bunch of different libraries.

Shameless self-promotion here is a tutorial on using libraries in Processing:

Ah, this might be the wrong forum; I’m thinking about p5. It seems like there are only a few libraries available for p5 and I don’t see any on GitHub.
Thanks for the reply, Kevin!


There are currently 20 libraries listed on the P5.js libraries page: https://p5js.org/libraries/

Also note that you can use pretty much any JavaScript library with P5.js. The P5.js libraries just make integration a bit easier.

More shameless self-promotion: