How to add library from github to openprocessing p5js sketch?

I want to add this library to this sketch but I cant figure out how to do it.
how to I do this?

There’s an icon w/ 3 horizontal lines at the top right side on the same row as the “mySketch” tab which reveals a panel upon click.

At the bottom of that panel there’s a section called “Libraries”.

And as its last option we have “Add Custom Library”, where we can paste a link for any JS library.

Here’s a CDN link for the “p5.spacebrew.js” library you’re asking for:

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could you help me getting the library to work?

I’ve never heard about that library so I can’t help you w/ that.

But if you have a code problem in certain parts we can try to solve them.

the biggest problem i’m having is trying to set up a server Getting Started — Spacebrew