What is FFT.analzye() range? I'm only getting tiny tiny values

I’ve tried putting in different songs and my values are coming out usually about “0.00XXXe-6” or just tiny. The largest I’ve gotten is “8”. I’ve tried mapping my values but only guessing on the range they either come out at the max or min.

What’s up?

first it might be a good idea to tell us what you play with: like

i try Processing Sound lib ( or Processing Minim lib?)

test example
/ File / Examples / Sound / Analysis / FFTSpectrum

if you look there a ranging factor is used

int scale = 5;

and nearly can fill the canvas height 360

but i know that is no answer to the question?

how high can a sinus amplitude be

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. I am using Processing.Sound. I don’t know what you’re referring to with the ranging factor.

as you not posted your code i could only play with, what i have, the above mentioned
example for the processing sound lib.

/ File / Examples / Sound / Analysis / FFTSpectrum

or ( only little bit different )

why you not open / run it?
you will find the

int scale = 5;

my values are coming out usually about “0.00XXXe-6” or just tiny.

well, you know what FFT is?
if that frequency is not in the original song ( or not needed as harmonic
to simulate a signal
what is not in phase with the sample array )
it has to be small???

also that sin amplitude will vary with the internal amplification of the signal ( but NOT with the PC audio VOL setting )

Does this mean that it can range from 0 to 5? I tried it my self and the highest value i could get was 2.1! I mean in your example it said the values are normalized but normalized to what?

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