What I am working on (my current projects)

What I am working on…

Peg Solitaire game
Play with different boards, find solutions…
cf. How to Win the Peg Solitaire Game (English Board) (with Pictures)

Folder Viewer
Do you have an important main folder for your office, your projects or your hobbies containing many sub-folders? A folder you work in a lot?
This Sketch shows the folders in this main folder. You can enter keywords to retrieve topics and folders. You can enter search words.

3D Marble Track in a sphere
The tracks are placed in a sphere that you would have to rotate in order to move the marble through the maze. The tracks are leading sideways, up and down or are upside down.
Only tracks, no marble, no physics.

Database for Notes
You can drop stuff onto the Sketch and it gets stored in a database of notes. You can drop files, url’s, images, text…
You can also just make a text note from scratch. The notes are displayed in an overview.
Click on a note and the details are shown. You can enter search words.

Positioning for a 3D camera
You can steer the position and the lookAt of the camera in 3D independently.
The camera can also rotate around a center or around itself.
This CameraClass is made for the usage in other 3D Sketches.

World Map for your Tracks
All your gpx files / gpx tracks (e.g. from hiking or biking tours) from a folder are loaded. They are displayed as points on a world map (library: unfolding). When you move the mouse on one track, the track itself expands and its details are shown.
You can enter search words for track names to filter the tracks.

Steam Engine
no simulation, just animation

Submarine in 3D

Submarine in 3D



currently: Stairs in 3D with different directions, height and number of stairs.

keywords: Interior, architecture, design, house