Wacom Intuos drawing + pressure

Hi everybody,
I’m totally new to processing.
I would like to use a wacom tablet, to have people draw to music. It is important that, while drawing, strake changes according to pressure.
I have tried chatgpt to get some code, but it doesn’t work…
Is there anybody out there who would be willing to help me out, maybe share a sketch?
Thank you so much!

Hello @lucnijs,

I brushed the dust off of my Wacom Intuos (CTL-6100WL) and took it out for a spin!

There is a Tablet library that seems to work:

References to get me started:
Processing 1.0 - Processing Discourse - Using graphics tablet with JPen < JPen was a keyword I searched for
sdk - Wacom Integration into java - Stack Overflow < I have not yet explored this!

I need to work on my pen strokes!

I will have to integrate it with my project:
GLV Paint A very simple draw and save program

There has been some demand for updates. :)

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hi GLV,
thanks for your reply.;
I tried this… but not working… I must be doing something wrong then. I always get “The constructor PenManager(sketch_240613c) is undefined”
I put the library in my libraries folder of the processing folder.
Not sure how to solve this…


Did you do this manually?

I installed the library with the Processing 4.3 IDE (it puts it in correct folder for you) and tried the examples and they worked:


Keep trying!


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The Tablet library requires JavaFX which is now a separate library. Install JavaFX too and the examples should work.


This is the error without importing JavaFX:


Thanks, everyone. Will try this today!!

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As suggested already by @PerryJohnson the JavaFX library also has to be installed first in Processing 4.3 and it must also be imported:

This is also something that impacted me:

Let me know if it is the same with you.

The libraries are installed I could just not see them checked in the Libraries Status field without Android mode installed!

At the top of the Processing IDE you will see a Sketch tab and that will show the installed libraries that can be imported.

Sketch > Import Library… > List of libraries that you have installed that you can import!

Have fun!


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