Does anyone know a library for Drawing Tablet Pen Pressure?

I tried the Tablat Library from 2016 but it doesnt work int the “tablat = new Tablet(this)” it gives an error! can you help me?

  1. You didn’t tell us what the error message said.
  2. The following runs without error on my system (MacOS). I don’t have a tablet to test.
import processing.javafx.PGraphicsFX2D;
import codeanticode.tablet.*;

Tablet tablet;

void setup() {
  size(640, 480); 
  tablet = new Tablet(this);   
void draw() {

I presume that you have the Tablet library installed.

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do you know the tablat library documentation? it seems i cant reach the webpage! :tired_face:

The link is not correct in the Libraries.

This should help: