Voxel Map Creator


I’m studying to be a full stack-developer, and for that I create this “app” (https://editor.p5js.org/ChesseBread/sketches/4EH2fC4Xx) to be use as a map creator for my future project that is a strategic turn base game.
Having the opportunity to build your own map, it gives more freedom for the players to cultivate their creativity and build new ways to play the game.

It’s far from done, but I would like to anybody who clicked on this post, to try to build your own map, share in the comments, and give me feedback on what can be improved.

Use manual:

Updates ahead:

  • Possibility to choose the quantity of voxels.
  • Flexible size to fit in any screen size
  • Possibility to attach a texture to the voxels
  • Creation of a save file
  • More options to change the elevation of voxels.
  • Possibility of change the shape in the top of the voxel for a pyramid shape, semi-spherical, etc.
  • Possibility to attach a GIF texture to the voxels.
  • and many more upgrades to come.

Git: GitHub - paodequeijoMG/VoxelMapCreator: App to create your own voxel map



Forward Great work

I find this map creator to be very useful and easy to use, it’s fun to create your maps and share them.


  • Better UI graphics
  • Voxel Texture with image
  • Voxel texture with GIF
  • Rendering faster

Future updates:

  • more options for textures
  • responsive GUI
  • save file
  • add more voxel to map