Visualization of Uber cars using Processing 3 sketch

Hi. I really like this processing software. I’m fairly new and I need some help. I was thinking to visualize the movement of Uber cars using Processing 3 sketch, unfolding map and python. I encountered this transition-land-animation github (please see the other post in this forum). And I figured that I probably still need some other processing libraries, maybe a better road network/map? or need some processing 3 tutorials. The thing is, I’m not 100% sure exactly what I need (smile). So, for those processing 3 experts/hackers out there, could you kindly throw me some links, comments, or whatever tools you think I need, to visualize the movements of Uber using Processing3 sketch? Many thanks for your time and attention. :wink:

Can you link to it?

Where are you getting the data? You need to have the data before you can visualize the data – what is your source of Uber data?

(1): The other post:

(2): Good point: I need to have the data first and then visualize it.
The data will be obtained from the Open Street Map API. For any two given locations, I hope that the following information can be obtained from this Map API.

startLocation (which is a latitude, longitude pair), endLocation (which is also a latitude, longitude pair), startTimePoint, endTimePoint,  shortestTimeRoute, 

For the shortestTimeRoute, I hope that the data I can get, has the following format,

OSMnodes, bearings

I do not know how to get the data and what kinds of data I can get yet. Many thanks for your time and attention.

I guess what I mean is, not the streets, but how will you get GPS location of Uber cars? Given that is highly proprietary data owned by a private company, and I thought Uber kept its car data secret. Are you an Uber driver who will be tracking yourself, or will you be asking some local Uber drivers run a separate app to track their locations for you? My sense was that Uber car locations are only available in closed apps like the Uber mobile app or the Google Maps mobile app – you can’t get it via an open web browser where you could scrape the data, not even from Maybe you know another place to get Uber car data – I just thought it wasn’t possible.