Video processing with RaspberryPi

While trying to use the GLVideo class to process videos with raspberrypi and processing I am having a few problems.

Once i am trying to use the pixels loadPixels,pixels …etc i am getting the error message array Index out of bounds :
will these not work with GLvideo

no 2 can i use the laptop screen as a screen for using raspberrypi please suggest
and please forgive me if these are really foolish queries


-a- RPI and Video library
you need to give specific info what you have installed
also see

i used a own build see
GLVideo not working on Pi 4 running Processing 3.5.3 .

-b- can you show the code
( like what example you use and where you add the
loadPixels command )
you might see in above snap that i added that line and it works.

-c- you can work ( like me ) from remote on your RPI,
that would need to install VNC viewer on your PC ,
and on RPI enable VNC (server) from setup.
again above picture show that i use that here, and i show the connection info for ref.

-d- BUT

if your question is if you can use a laptop as screen for the RPI
if it is a very expensive / rare laptop what has a HDMI INPUT

all normal laptop only have HDMI OUTPUT so can not be used as a monitor.

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