Stream GLvideo camera failed rpi 3 A+


having some difficulties with Processing on rpi : (

Firstly, tried downloading the Raspberry Pi Image and it would not even boot so had to add Processing manually.

Got Processing running, but when I try to stream video using GLVideo I get this error:
v4l2src0: Could not read from resource
poll error 1
v4l2src0: Failed to allocate buffer
v4l2src0: Internal data stream error

Other video examples also fail but graphic examples work (barely).

I am using:
GLvideo @gohai
Processing 3.5.3
rpi model 3 A+
128MB GPU memory
Rpi camera module v1.3 (added “bcm2835_v4l2” to /etc/modules)

This is my very first time using Processing on rpi, so very new to this : U

Thanks in advance.

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there has been changes and i can not answer your question exactly
-1- i use RPI 3B+
-2- never use the image…

i have on it 2 systems running:
-a- the first buster image ( for RPI4 )

  • processing installed by the
curl | sudo sh
  • GLVideo installed only capture works
  • build my own lib update and also video work

-b- the new system 2019-09-26
not using video and GLvideo from contribution manager
but load manually

  • video play


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Thanks for the response.

So you are suggesting I install Processing with the curl, then manually load processing-video and GLvideo (not using contribution manager)?

Do you have a link for the GLvideo lib you recommend loading manually?


-a- it would depend on what system version you have
-b- NOT load GLVideo for newest sytems until there is a new build version.
-c- i give you link to new video lib ( FOR NEW SYSTEM ONLY )


So you are recommending just to use processing-video link you sent? Install everything manually.

And if i want to use GLVideo, I have to wait for a new build version. Any idea when there will be a new version? @gohai

I would prefer to use rpi-3-A+, but I also want to try rpi-4 and compare performance. Does the processing-video link you sent work on both rpi3 and rpi4 ?

The steps you are sharing are very different from what processing has in their documentation on rpi.. Any idea why this documentation is so off?


possibly pre BUSTER

also about RPI 4 can not help, only 1,2,3,3+
and only talk about systems i have tested.

Are you recommending I use raspbian buster for rpi3?


but all the time i talk about RASPBIAN system versions…
like " if have this version can use that library… "

did you try the new library video ( video play, RPI cam ) already
and does it work with your ?system?