Video Library Release 6 (version 2.0-beta4)

Is udpsrc supported by Video Library Release 6 (version 2.0-beta4) or any plans to support this as a source.

Please share a link of the resource you are referring to and provide more details as your question is not totally clear.


Tello, a tiny Quadrocopter send an udp video stream. The stream is h264 encoded.

Using Jörg Haiders Raspberry GLvideo lib decoding is seamless using

// we connect to Tello via this custom GStreamer pipeline
  video = new GLVideo(this, "udpsrc port=11111 ! decodebin", GLVideo.NO_SYNC);;

I try to find a way to decode h264 on my own, but without any success so far.
So my question is if the Processing Video lib will support streaming from udp cams (udpsrc) or are there any plans to implement this?