H246 Video encoding

Looking for a simple way to decode h246 encoded videos? The video is sent via udp from a dji Tello?

For sure I mean h264. Just a typo ;->

I think you mean h264? If you have been searching everywhere for h246 that will have caused you problems…


Hi Jeremy,

indeed h264. But no progress so far.
It work like a charm on Raspberry PI using GLVIDEO. But on Windows using the VIDEO library I don’t make any progress. I can read the stream, but I have no clue how to convert and showup.

jcodec may help, but again how to convert picture (jcodec) into a format that Processing can work with.

Any help/hint is much appreciated.
And to make more complex I tried that on Raspberry X86 where according my information only Version 1.0.2 of the Video library is working.


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You want to expand your search in the JAVA realm as this is not unique to Processing. If you find a solution coded in Java, you should be able to use it in Processing. Unfortunately there is not much from previous posts:


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Happy New Year!

It is supported by GLVideo from Jörg Haider. But performance on Raspberry is slow.

  // we connect to Tello via this custom GStreamer pipeline
  video = new GLVideo(this, "udpsrc port=11111 ! decodebin", GLVideo.NO_SYNC);

But that didn’t work on other platforms like Apple or Windows.

No I’m able to receive the stream from Tello, but I have no idea how to decode and convert into PImage. My Plan is to implement this on a system with better performance.

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