Video library problem with RP4

Installed processing on my Raspberrry Pi 4 following the instructions to Install Processing onto existing installation

Downloaded the processing video library, ran the sketch i´m working on, and it doesn´t work (same code works on windows without any problem and been using it regularly):

  • Video doesn’t play,
  • Using .duration() throws 0.0 which causes a lot of trouble

My hypothesis is that since processing installs without dependencies, it must be a problem with the gstreamer framework that the video library relies on, probably the java bindings or something like that.

Or maybe it just doesn’t work on the Pi?

Please help me out. Here’s a code test to illustrate the point above…


Movie mimovie;

void setup() {
  size (800,600);
  mimovie = new Movie ( this, "video.mp4" );;

void draw() {
  image(mimovie, 0, 0);

void movieEvent (Movie mimovie) {;

Edit: clarity

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if you used the latest RASPBIAN BUSTER IMAGE
and install processing

curl | sudo sh

please not install video or GLvideo from contribution manager
from ,

video / RPI cam / USB cam works

that is not valid for older images like the first BUSTER for RPI4
there can use GLvideo with a own build repair

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Thank you!
I tried the sample code above and it works, but it throws these errors in the console:

Processing video library using GStreamer 1.14.4
0:00:01.357719264 [336m 1877[00m 0x75da6580 [31;01mERROR  [00m [00m                 omx gstomx.c:1154:gst_omx_component_set_parameter:<omxh264dec-omxh264dec0>[00m Set video_decode parameter at index 0x02000001: Bad parameter (0x80001005)
0:00:01.358277673 [336m 1877[00m 0x75da6580 [31;01mERROR  [00m [00m                 omx gstomx.c:1333:gst_omx_port_update_port_definition:<omxh264dec-omxh264dec0>[00m Updated video_decode port 130 definition: Bad parameter (0x80001005)

not understand?

i talk about install a library from ZIP,
? after delete video and GLvideo installed by contributionmanager ?

running a example from a new lib using the old lib would not make sense.

-a- tell exactly every step you did

-b- why not provide details about / how / the system installed?
why i warn about the version, that new lib only works on the new image!